App Onboarding


At ChowNow, we were tasked with bringing more brand messaging and visuals into the consumer facing marketplace app. I was originally asked to create GIFs or looping videos to embed, but I used it as an opportunity to advocate for integrating Lottie into our app. This would not only increase the quality of the animations, but would also open up more opportunities to bring character and personality into the app using micro-interaction animations.

The Starting Point

The existing app onboarding flow consisted of three screens with a generic image embedded for each step. The new design would include visuals that were more closely related to each task in the onboarding.

Screen One: The introduction

The first screen’s objective is to introduce the user to the mission of ChowNow and the impact that the user can make in their local community. We incorporated imagery of restaurants, diners, and the ChowNow brand to illustrate the connection that takes place when orders happen in the app. Restaurants and diners have direct communication with eachother without a middleman, and ChowNow is the platform that makes it happen.

Screen Two: Enable Location Sharing

The second screen’s objective is to ask the user to allow the app to see their location. The design is pretty straight-forward: a toggle is switched on, we see a user’s location pop up and the restaurants that are nearby populate.

Screen Three: Allow Notifications

The third screen’s objective is to ask the user to allow the app to send them notifications. This allows favorite restaurants to send alerts when a new special is happening, or maybe a new menu has been introduced. This of course would also allow the user to be alerted when their food is ready. We stuck to another collage of imagery including a notification bell, food imagery, as well as the star to reference the promotions and savings they would be alerted about.