I'm Japheth, but you can call me Jay.

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I’m a motion designer drawn to working in technology and entertainment. Over the past eight years, I’ve helped agencies, studios, and companies breathe life into typography, visuals, and interfaces with motion.

Currently living in Los Angeles, I work as a Lead Motion Designer at Stash. I also help agencies and studios design and develop easy to self-maintain websites using Webflow.

My career has spanned working at production houses and agencies, in-house at both Apple and Snapchat, and working with a variety of freelance clients. My skills include digital design, 2D + 3D animation, web development, and photography.

I've worked with

Doing things like

Motion Design
Bringing emotion and character to text and graphics; Establishing systems for multiple deliverables to be cohesive and consistent with a brand.
Responsive Web Design
Helping studios and agencies design their websites to work responsively across different screen sizes.
Lighting, shooting, and processing videos and stills of products.
Designing primarily for motion; Working with typography, imagery, and layout.
Video Editing
Putting together a story, whether it’s seconds long or minutes long